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Deluge Arranger mode slave issue


Hi all. Been recording a demo (live band / vox, not Electro stuff) on Protools and using Deluge as the drummer. Not been using the Delly like this so far and have hit a snag where I can set the Deluge as slave to Protools in track / song mode but not in arranger mode. The play button lights up as if playback has begun but the cursor does not advance through the arrangement. have also tried slaving protools to teh Deluge instead but I think Protol srequires MMC instead of clock and will not accept start / stop commands from the Deluge (I believe I've got everything set up on Protools correctly but I could be wrong) Thanks in advance.


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    NRuckNRuck UKPosts: 34

    Sorted what the issue was (no thanks to anyone here o:) ) User error, of course. Works fine now. problem was I was attempting to sync to takes of the track in Protools that appeared later in chronological order (ie take 1 was at the start of the timeline, take 2 - 5 mins further on etc. etc.) As long as the take i am syncing to is at the beginning of the timeline it is fine. My bad. The Deluge performs brilliantly as ever.

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