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External Gear and Auto CC, with FW2.1+


When using Deluge with an external synth (Roland System-1m), my Deluge would recognize and record my knob movements from the synth with the Auto CC feature added in 2.0. With the most recent firmware 2.1 and 2.1.1, it no longer automatically recognizes my CC inputs from external gear on MIDI tracks.

  • If I learn a synth track parameter (say frequency) from a knob on my external gear, it sees it records the movement no problem.
  • If I assign a gold parameter knob to a CC# it controls the external gear no problem.
  • It appears to only fail with Auto CC feature that used to work.
  • I've test with both 5pin MIDI In/OUT and USB MIDI, the same results with both

Further testing 02/16:
*Factory reset of Deluge and Synth did not resolve issue
*Strangely loading old songs, even blank template songs, the feature works just like it used to. Creating a new track it will not.

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