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Connecting the Deluge with midi to several gears


My deluge needs to control a RE303 and a Zynthian by midi, but there is only one midi out and the RE303 and the Zynthian don't have a midi thru. Do I have to invest into a G Lab M3S MIDI 3x Splitter for example ? does this kind of gear will be able to transmit all the midi messages for both the RE303 and the Zynthian ? If not, what are you suggesting then ?




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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 690

    dont know that gear, u might not need a midi thru port. if gear has midi in and midi out, midi thru on out port is possible.
    for just a midi splitter i’d go for something portable, no need for a power cord or batteries

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 189
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    I have an RE303 and the Deluge signal is not great for 303 patterns - it can’t do the glides right. Was some time ago I last tried it but I have the TB03, an MB33, an an RE303 and the RE303 only sounded right using its own sequencer. Use the RE303 sequencer and a DIN Sync converter for clock sync to it. It absolutely needs the DIN Sync converter for accurate timing. It’s a blast once hooked up though. The RE303 is basically a true TB303 and programming sequences is pretty easy on it. I use some Kenton Active 5 thru boxes with the Deluge to expand the midi ports out. You can chain them as they are active and signal strength stays strong and timing good enough for several synths to be hooked up to the Deluge. I’m using the Deluge as master sequencer/midi clock to an Orb sequencer with my MB33, the RE303, a Nord Rack 2X or Access Virus Ti (depending on sets) Roland Boutique SE02, D05, or SH01A (depending on sets), Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2, and sometimes an Atmegatron Odyssey or TherapSID 2 (depending on sets). I switch out synths frequently for different sets, but only because space is limited where my Deluge is.

    The RE303 is the only one needing a DIN Sync converter for accurate timing. That filter tho!

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    DubphilDubphil FrancePosts: 5
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    Thanks amiga909 and Vondragonnoggin for your advices, I will first go with a midisolutions splitter to avoid any additionnal power adapter, and will fallback to the Dyn Sync converter if the result is bad for the RE303. The Zynthian is an open source device based on the ZynAddSubFx powerfull soft synth and on the non less powerfull Linuxsampler.

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    mbangmbang Gothenburg, SwedenPosts: 53
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    You can get a cheap midi splitter for that purpose.. check out sixty four pixels - banana split, or the diy "midisizer", i´m building 10 of the latter myself, ordered the pcb+s from a manufacturing plant and they´re pretty easy to build given you have the skills. Or if you want you can buy one from me when i´ve finished them.

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    StijeStije NetherlandsPosts: 14

    or use cv/gate to control the RE303.....

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