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Sample Slicing


I think it would be fun to have a Sample Slicing feature on the Deluge. With a sample slicing feature, it would be really easy, fun and quick to remix the sample loop, once it's sliced, by using the sequencer pads. It's great to already be able to set the start and end times for a sample, but I wouldn't care if the potential sample slicer couldn't detect slice points intelligently. Even if it just sliced everything evenly into 16ths or 32nds, that would already provide a lot of fun. So a basic sample slicer would be fine. And it would add another level of fun for the Deluge.

Already having a blast with it though.


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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 638

    For now, a guy named Neil Baldwin has developed a sample-slicing tool to use in conjuction with a computer that takes a sample and uses transient detection to chop it into smaller pieces and then automatically puts them in a KIT file for the Deluge :)

    It's awesome. You can find it in the Deluge Users closed group on Facebook.

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