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Fast Pattern Length Change


I'm aware of the current ability to change the length of a part/pattern length. Even to zoom out to make it a little quicker. But it doesn't work well enough in a performance setting to quickly add a new instrument/part of different lengths - it will default to the last length (love that as the default, but...). Then I would adjust the length with the SHIFT+ Knob < >
What if I want my next part to be 8 bars long? or the last part was 8 bars long and I want a 1 bar drum loop?

It would be best to have some way to quickly alter the measure length of parts. Perhaps a combo of SHIFT + ?? and either:
Use knob to change the length in bars/measures instead of steps
Show a Pad/Grid that lights up the current number of bars/measures and allows changing it from 1 to 16 or 32 (or maybe even more since there are 128 pads.)

Which option seems best to Delugers workflow?


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,028

    agreed i dont prefer the use-last-changed-track-length as the default for a new track.
    a configurable default in the Config menu would be better for me, like having always 2 bars when i create a new track.
    as a workaround cloning works fairly quick. clone an existing track that has the desired length, push l/r + Back and change to a new preset.

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    NorisNoris AustriaPosts: 36

    Good suggestion. And a new created track shouldn’t be the same length as the last used track. This doesn’t make sense to me.

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