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Pipes by Synesthesia: upcoming „non-portable Deluge with a Touch Screen“



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    71777177 (:Posts: 36

    The interface looks kinda ugly with the prototypes. Do you think this thing is gonna be bult? I rather would get an organelle from critter & guitari at this point if wanted smthg like that, don't need no touchscreen.

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    xapxap USPosts: 11

    I don't get it, in what way is this comparable to the Deluge? I mean, I guess they both do sampling. But seems like a very different device geared toward a different purpose to me.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 189

    The Deluge’s largest appeal for me was the 128 pad grid. That thing reminds of something like a Sampletank in a box.

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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USAPosts: 113

    True, fairly different. It seems designed to be played by MIDI controller.
    Also, that UI looks very awkward.

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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 740

    Yeah, you are right, doesnt really compare.

    Posted it cause i am interested in standalone hardware samplers and I thought the multisample feature is kinda interesting. Price (400$) is well under a laptop (incl. decent audio interface) too.

    AFAIK: Multisample handling was a feature of the great old samplers and hasnt been seen in the standalone world until a NZ underdog changed that. Facts may be disturbed by a fanboy bias :)

    Akai MPCs, Roland SPs, Elektrons, Korg Electribes, Teenage Engineering, Pioneer Toraiz: They all dont really support multisampling afaik.

    True, Critter&Guitari could do it too, dont think it has sample streaming though. Being a PD Patch Player, might be more comparable to a VST standalone host like Receptor or V-Machine. Dont know.

    News: havent seen any news at NAMM 2019. posted an article delivery is planned for Sept/Oct. 19.
    Above all I am interested in multisample patch creation (NI Kontakt style layering) and innovations in "sample synthesis" alike a modern Roland V-Synth.

    It has some interesting facets like Open Source support (interface for PD Patches), and that "Memory Whip Tweaker" sounds funny ("whip through 20GB of samples by triggering the next one every 10 milliseconds").

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