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default pad brightness


please forgive me if this request already exists. I’ve looked several times and cannot find a request for this. I suffer from debilitating migraines that make me super sensitive to light. It’s a chicken vs egg scenario, as i’m not sure what comes first. Sometimes too much sunlight causes a migraine, and other times i just have a migraine that makes it impossible to look at anything that lights up. It IS easy enough to change the pad brightness on deluge, but could we pretty-please have that setting stick after power cycle? Occasionally i get about 20min into a session and i realize “uh oh, here comes 24hours of debilitating migraine” simply because i got so into the music so quickly that i forgot to change the pad brightness until it is too late.
I can’t be the only person who would like this.
Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for the upvote.
(If this request already exists and you know where it is, PLEASE give me a link and i’ll delete this and upvote that one instead.)

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