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keyboard view for kit track - use grid for playing samples


Would be nice to have ability to use grid to play samples. Right now we can only live preview them using audition pads(those on the far right). What I propose is to add mode which will be opened by pressing keyboard button(the same we can use to play synth). With this view it would be easy to live play/record a track. Right now if there is a lot of samples in a kit, then not all of them can fit into audition pads view, and up/down knob needs to be used to access them.


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,066

    +1, seems like a no-brainer. up to 128 samples at my fingertips at once, I'd love to have that.

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    MoonWolfMoonWolf United KingdomPosts: 43

    Great idea. If this is possible, it would such a boon for live performance.

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    KegeratorzKegeratorz PAPosts: 13

    Good call +1

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    Quixotic7Quixotic7 Point Richmond, CAPosts: 9

    +1 from me. This one seems straight forward and obvious to implement.

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    funkymothersfunkymothers LondonPosts: 47

    and please add arpeggiator functionality in Piano View (same as Synths clips)?

    It is a lot of fun triggering one-shot samples this way and can lead to very creative patterns.

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    EddyEddy ColognePosts: 255

    great ideas!

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    cjllcjll Saint-Lambert, QC, CanadaPosts: 1

    I don't know if it's still relevant I can't find more infos in the forum but +1 from me <3

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    rczrcz NYPosts: 99

    you could also add a zoom funtion that blows samples up to multiple pads. then you could have different parameter settings on different pads on the same sample

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