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Multi-sample Instrument via Midi and Audio in


I´ve got my synths hooked up via Midi and I would like to be able to tell the deluge to make multisamples of my favorite presets. The deluge will then play notes via midi and capture the synth output. You would specify the range beforehand.

With this, I could make my mono synth polyphonic in an instant, and I could use several of my favorite patches at once. This is, of course, already possible, but not without the help of a computer (correct me if I´m wrong).

Also, a big thank you to Rohan for his unsurpassed work and dedication!


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    robleighton22robleighton22 MelbournePosts: 27

    Would be great but unessential for me as other software can do this and it does really make a difference if it was done on a PC or a standalone piece. Obviously a nice to have though.

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    fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 152

    There was already a thread for this ;)

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    rczrcz NYPosts: 38

    You can kind of do this but you cant use multisample mode unfortunately.

    1. set up a midi track to your synth with every note you want, notes need to be ascending chromatic.
    2. Play and record your synths output.
    3. Chop off the ends and resample using the exact start/stop feature.
    4. New kit track and slice the resample file into the number of notes and bam you got it.

    Ideally we would have a dedicated feature as asked for but even some updated file/folder edit or slicing features with waveform view would really help.

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