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Multisample auto-detect algo overriding file names?


I've got a complete multisample pack of a beautiful pipe organ that doesn't seem to be assigning properly.
At first I thought it was the file names but then conformed them as simply as possible and it still doubles some samples next to each other and repeats octaves and such.
Could it be that the auto-detect algorithm is getting confused by all the crazy harmonics present in the samples and overriding the file names?
Has anyone else seen this behavior?


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    krunchrkrunchr Mainz, GermanyPosts: 62

    If I understood the manual correctly, rootkey tags (embedded in the sample file) are rated higher than the result of the automatic pitch detection. So it is always recommended to set proper rootkey tags. On Windows, you can do this with the freeware Endless WAV (even as a batch process). On the Mac, I don't know of any tool that can set this tag.

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    dannereaudannereau Posts: 11

    Great. Found that the samples had tags but they were wonky and off a few octaves in some cases. Endless WAV fixed that right up. Thanks for the pointer.

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