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per step parameter " locking"

sinknoodlessinknoodles Vancouver, CanadaPosts: 28

Per step parameter changes don't stay locked.
Let's say you have a few of the same tom hits with different pitches per step.
While playing the pattern, when you then turn the pitch knob all of the pitched
steps are transposed accordingly rather then remaining locked and only the steps
with unlocked pitches changing. While this can produce interesting effects,
it would be much more useful If the values remained locked.

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    sinknoodlessinknoodles Vancouver, CanadaPosts: 28

    also being able to lock changes for empty steps would be great also

    • and yeah i got them black boxes also but would rather just have this
      as my main unit
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    sinknoodlessinknoodles Vancouver, CanadaPosts: 28

    perhaps both could exist: shift + hold step + turn knob = locked parameter change
    hold step + turn knob = unlocked parameter change

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    muleskinnermuleskinner Bath, UKPosts: 113

    Having both options would be great. They kept changing the way this worked in Maschine (much to people's annoyance) - I would have expected it to work 'per step' by default, same with MIDI CC.

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    kinakina New ZealandPosts: 27

    I think having the toggle in some sort of settings menu would be better. But yea, good idea, with the toggle.

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    samnsamn los angelesPosts: 5

    just put in an order and i am beyond hyped for this box as it seems to check off nearly everything on my list and this would really be a stellar addition

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