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2.1 beta: WAV Tag Editor?


New sample import supports reading wav meta information; afaik loop points and pitch.
Any1 knows a good tag viewer or editor? For Mac? Tried Audition but it did not reveal all meta data.


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    krunchrkrunchr Mainz, GermanyPosts: 69
    edited December 2018

    I'm using Loop Editor on Mac. It's a one-trick pony and it costs $29. You can also embed loop points with DSP Quattro.

    However, for Windows there are some good freeware tools for this purpose, e.g. Endless WAV or Wavosaur. I use these tools in a Virtualbox Windows 10 machine, which works well.

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    CandyGarageCandyGarage MontrealPosts: 7

    Can you batch process with Loop editor? Is there some way to automate the generation of perfect loop points tags for a whole folder of wave files (multi sampled synths)?

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