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SD card was the problem to loading samples


Well yesterday I upgraded to a sandisk extreme 64 GB and now have no problem scrolling through samples where as before with the included premium sd card supplied with the Deluge I could only read a couple of samples and then it would say unuse or file and I would keep turning the select knob in both directions and nothing would read , no one said just wait the slow card needs to read the next bunch of samples and then you can scroll thru 3 or 4 more samples until it stops to read the next bunch.
I will be buying an extreme pro card with 250 mb/sec read speed next as can see the speed of read write is the tool to fast access which I am used to in using computer based software, the Deluge with a premium card in it is like going back to computing in the windows 95 days.
So any chance of putting a note in the manual to say if you are using slow read write sd cards , just wait for the card to read the samples, don't turn the select knob as this will only delay the read and put you back to scratch. Four weeks I have spent trying to figure this out and no one mentioned it was the sd cards slow read write speed and to just wait for the sample to load.
I do love the Deluge and now am so happy I can load samples , just would like it known that there is a problem with slow cards and the way the Deluge reads the card information so that new users don't have to go through what I have been through.

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