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New to Deluge - making ambient

rustyjawrustyjaw CA, USA
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Hi All,

I made the leap into a new way of working when I got a Deluge a few weeks ago. So far, I'm loving the device a lot. I've spent the last few years working exclusively on a Eurorack system and, by comparison, the level of control over song structure that the Deluge offers almost feels like a super-power. Of course, a DAW offers even more control, but I really dislike making music on a computer. I've tried, and for me it's a creativity killer. So far, the Deluge has been a joy. Yes, there are a lot of button combos to remember, but they feel thoughtfully laid out.

My goal is to incorporate the modular more into the workflow with the Deluge. But for now, I'm having fun exploring the Deluge as the 'brains' to my setup. This is the second piece of music I've finished since getting the Deluge. It's 3 tracks from Digitone, the bassline is from the JP-08, plus one synth track and drums from the Deluge itself:

The only module being used in this is the Dual Looping Delay from 4MS.

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    Mr_ForkMr_Fork North Dakota

    I know what you mean with PC work and being a creativity killer. I always found myself trying to enhance my ableton setup to work more like hardware. The ableton push 2 and the NI Maschine are excellent for working in a software setting while still having at least some hardware feel. That being said I don't think I've touched my computer since I got the deluge other than to do a quick master of a track. I would like to get some additional pieces like you have there. Looks like you've been collecting gear for a while. =)

    The track was smooth and peaceful. I loved it. Listened a few times. The reverb you were using was nice and lush. Maybe it was a delay set to behave like a reverb? Mind if I ask what you were using?

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    Hey Mr_Fork, thanks for the reply.

    I first tried making music about 15 years ago using only software. I really struggled then and gave up. What I didn't realize at the time was how much influence the computer itself was having on my enjoyment of the process. Then about 4 years ago, I discovered Eurorack, and was immediately smitten. It's kind of the opposite of software in that it's super tactile, and for the most part, each dial or button has one function.

    It took me a while to wrap my head around modular, it was pretty intimidating at first. But what kept me going was simply curiosity about how it all works. I basically devoted 3 years to learning how to use it to make music.

    The Deluge has come along at the right time for me, as I've been looking around for something that would let me gain more control over song structure. I looked at a few things like Monome and Polyend Seq, but the Deluge just seemed so thoughtful while also being super powerful.

    As far as the gear being used, there are two reverbs (it is ambient after all :-). One is the Eventide H9 pedal in "Blackhole" mode which is on the Digitone outs. I should also say that the Digitone itself has some internal reverb going. The second reverb is the Strymon Flint, it is on the Deluge output (so affecting the drums and the arpeggiated synth that comes in around the middle). The flint is the box I turn the knobs on...bringing in the tremolo for a couple of sections.

    The delay from the DLD is very subtle on the bassline only.

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    Mr_ForkMr_Fork North Dakota

    Yeah I thought that looked like an Eventide pedal. I've been eyeballing those and the Big Sky but this is my first venture into hardware so I want to figure out what I want to do with my setup before I dive in too far. I do have to say that I enjoy the hardware end of things much more than the software. Although the Push and Maschine were in general really good the biggest thing for me with the deluge was the portability. Being able to get away from my desk has been a huge step forward although I'm not complaining about the physical form factor either. Like you say having that tactile approach to writing is really inspiring and fun (which is what music writing should be in my opinion).

    Again. Very good track. I will enjoy your future tracks and wish that I had your gear until I can get more of my own. =)

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    The setup in my video is actually in my kitchen, on the other end of my apt from the room I had my modular and other synths set up in. It's been very refreshing to get out of the same room I always work in. Portability was a big feature of the Deluge that attracted me as well.

    I was hoping that I'd be able to actually build song ideas away from any other gear and then bring it back and replace certain tracks with sounds from other gear. But so far, that's not how I'm working. I like texture and space a lot, so I often work 'backwards' - first finding sounds I like and then find melodies and treatments that sound good with those sound(s). As ideal as it seems to me to, say, build a track on a park bench, I'm not sure I actually could do that. Perhaps I should just give it a shot.

    The pedals are pretty new for me as well. Previously, I'd been using the Vintage Verb from Valhalla (a great software reverb) as an insert in Logic on the output bus...I'd record stereo from my modular right into Logic and attempt to master that. I got the H9 used. I also got close to half of my Eurorack modules used.

    I'm definitely familiar with gear envy myself. I think it comes with the territory. I just try to remember that even what the Deluge itself contains is comparable to a recording studio from a couple decades ago. And no matter what you have, it's likely you'll covet something else you don't have. Better to focus on learning what you DO have, at least that's my theory.

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    rustyjawrustyjaw CA, USA
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    Just finished something new that I'm pretty happy with. This track makes heavy use of conditional steps on Deluge, the Digitone chimes that run throughout the track are programmed as 32nd notes, and I stack up a bunch with conditionals so that there are subtly different combinations of notes every 3 or 4 bars.

    The Eurorack here is used strictly for audio processing, it's not producing any sounds (some of the patch cables are vestiges of experiments that didn't work). The only sounds are from Digitone and JX-03.

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