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Hardware solution (midi switcher?) for midi setups with more than 16 tracks needed?


Hi all - I know it was previously proposed to use the Deluge's USB out to give a second 16 channels of midi. I have more than 16 midi channels of hardware and was wondering what solutions you have used that don't require changing midi channels on my synths for new tracks.

There are midi switchers out there like the Roland A-880 or Edirol UM 880 and also the Iconnectivity boxes but those are on the pricier side.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 603

    a midi track always sends both on usb midi and din midi afaik. you cant adress more than 16 midi channels on deluge.
    the only thing i could think of is using a midi processor like bomebox. then you could for example divide the pitch range and let all upper notes play on a different midi channel than the lower notes, still sharing the same midi channel on deluge.
    bomebox is nice but pricey, got a raspberry pi with midi for such stuff, cheaper but time consuming.

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    fenixsongfenixsong United StatesPosts: 10

    thanks amiga909, that gives me some great ideas! With multitimbral synths I could set up keyboard splits and easily get the 32 parts that way.
    Also, I checked this out: ...haven't confirmed thru use but it looks like this could map the split points to twice the channels. You'd need 2, but with midi thru prior or a splitter atimchak could do what is needed. I'm going to get one for some other needs.

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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 603

    that midisolution thing looks capable, midi powered is very nice.
    u might dig up older hardware midi processors too if you want to go cheap, have an yamaha mep4 i just got because it was 20$.

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    AXNAXN Gouda , NetherlandsPosts: 3

    Is this still not possible? Hoping to get 16+ Midi channels.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 179

    @AXN said:
    Is this still not possible? Hoping to get 16+ Midi channels.

    16 midi channels only still

    I don’t believe there is any plans to separate the USB midi into its own set of 16 channels. I think Ian posted that at least awhile ago.

    I think the idea was that the ability to use tracks with built in synths and kit tracks that don’t use any midi channels would be enough along with 16 midi channels for full mixes in such a small machine.

    Double Deluges synced, another synced external sequencer, or midi routers to split midi channel to two external synths for layering on the same channel is about the only solution now.

    Options for MPE controller support on a separate set of 16 channels routable internally or just use an A/B style 16 channels where Midi A has a full 16 channels and Midi B has another full 16 channels would be nice though.

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