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What are some great companions to the Deluge?


I am selling off some old gear (i.e. Kaossilator Pro+ and MiniNova), and have seen elsewhere on this site, that some users like the Electribe 2 in conjunction with the Deluge. Thus, I am considering getting an Electribe 2, but I honestly don't really understand the full scope of midi as it relates to these two devices (and in general for that matter). Midi is somewhat of a confusing topic for me. Probably because of my owning the less capable Kaossilator Pro+ and MiniNova.

Anyhow, in addition to the Electribe 2, what other instruments make the Deluge shine even further? I.e. I see a lot of Elektron talk around here.

P.S. If there is a good tutorial on interfacing the Deluge with other instruments via midi, would someone kindly point that out to me?


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    fryyyyfryyyy germany
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    The deluge can do everything. But its weaker parts are imo the internal synth engine and the FX.
    So either an analog synth or FM synth like the Digitone, and something to spice up the FX like the H9 max or the Mod Duo X ( both Midi controllable so you can trigger the presets via the deluge).

    For a nicer sampling workflow checkout this


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    Electribe 2 is junk, the Deluge can do everything that does but 10x better.

    I agree with fryyyy, a nice Analog synth or some sort of FX unit would be the best choice to use with the Deluge.

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    fenixsongfenixsong United States

    I agree with cypher... I got the Electribe2 right before now and getting the Deluge and Electribe2 doesn't offer anything to the mix. I got it because it was on a crazy good deal then finally realized the deluge is what I'm after. Then only thing interesting about it is some of its cross modulation synths, but those aren't the most real version of those anyway.

    So what does great with Deluge: analog synth: yes (I have DSI Tetra and a bunch other). Digitone: does more FM than the Deluge, also the PreenFM2 is also very cool.

    One thing I'm finding right now is with the right synth samples, you can make the Deluge synth engine (subtractive with samples) really shine without any other synth needed. Get a nice Moog Model D sample with a long interesting note on C and build a synth / sample out of it. It sounds so good! When Deluge os 2.1 comes out it will be fully realized because of the start -> loop points -> end points.

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    I'm sure this thread will help others as well.

    I am now focusing on the Digitone as an FM synth option to complement the Deluge, but I am also curious about Elektron's other offerings. TBH all of their stuff looks interesting to me, so if I didn't get a Digitone, could any of you recommend something else that Elektron offers, that may be alright to use with the Deluge (and why)?

    I really am lacking in an education in MIDI (especially as it relates to the Deluge), so if you would also kindly mention how you might end up connecting things, and how they work with an Elektron (model-specific) and the Deluge, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks again!

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    Fryyyy, I'm digesting your video. Ron's videos are very helpful!

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    MakaiMakai United States

    Ok, bear with me, but I literally created an account for the express reason of sharing a very dope, very portable and very flexible combination of cheap gear that is, in my opinion opening up some stuff in some of the few weak areas of the deluge. Only able to vouche for iOS combination, though I'm sure an android facsimile could be assembled.

    iRig Duo (2 chan. audio+midi I/O) - roughly $160 USD online
    Roli Lightpad Block M - $150-200 USD online
    MIDIflow IOS app - $7 USD
    TouchOSC IOS app - $5? USD


    In my opinion, one of the biggest setbacks for the deluge, which has otherwise replaced my convoluted and dozens-of-hours-in-the-making ableton setup, is that the controller itself doesn't do velocity or expression in any tactile way. The synth engine is really not bad when you're able to have expressive control over it, and even just playable velocity makes a huge difference in expression. After realizing that the deluge was becoming my new workhorse, I started looking for a portable, battery-fed and expressive controller, mostly for leads and dynamic drums.

    This led me to the roli lightpad. very expressive drum pad, portable, cheap, internal battery...only setback: proprietary software makes for convoluted interfacing with any hardware.

    That said, I spent a while researching a workaround and toying around with my pre-owned Irig Duo, which has midi functionality and Audio I/O to/from iphone.

    Results: after tinkering with a combination of the IOS app "MIDIflow", the iRig Duo midi output and lightpad (connected to iphone via bluetooth, and customized via the proprietary dashboard app) I was quickly able to configure the lightpad to not only trigger deluge's synths/drums for sequencing with very low-latency, but also to reign in the MPE powers of the roli to modulate dedicated parameters (so far glide/pitchbend on x, filter sweep on y, and aftertouch on whatever) on the deluge, meaning I can use the x/y pad as a trigger with (I think max of 2) dynamic effects I can control after thumping one of 25 notes/pads on the lightpad.

    The best part: Entire setup is self powered, totally mobile, potentially very flexible (IOS audio processing, I/O for instruments/mic via iRig, expressive midi ctrl, etc.) and cheap!

    This is starting to sound like a convoluted, acronym-laden infomercial, so I will stop, but after picking up a roli lightpad and (after some trial and error) making it control the deluge as well as it's own MPE soundbanks, all the while on battery power, I'm pretty amped about mobile sound fuckery. This is coming from a guy who has a custom programmed 5-controller-deep ableton workstation that he's all but abandoned for songwriting.

    Posting in main too. The Deluge has got me more excited about setup fluidity and possibilities than I've felt since Live 6.

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    MakaiMakai United States

    Also, the microkorg is looking mighty appealing for some keys/chords/vocoder...ultimate battery-fed-backpack-able studio in effect mode.

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    alifeinbinaryalifeinbinary Vancouver, Canada

    My deluge is arriving in a couple of days, I plan on using it with the Elektron Analog Rytm, Make Noise 0-coast, Nord Electro 5D and Axoloti Core. I have a modded Behringer FCB1010 that I'll use to trigger effects, clips and whatever else I can. The Rytm sounds incredible, is easy to use, and fortunately has velocity sensitive pads with aftertouch. The 0-coast works great as a bass synth but is pretty versatile. It's nice to put the CV functionality on the Deluge to work! The Nord Electro 5D has two layers that can be controlled by MIDI on separate channels so that will be fun with the sequencer. I'm not sure that I'll use the Axoloti Core for just yet...

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    Thanks for the responses! I have settled on a Rev 2 8-Voice Modular as a complement to my Deluge. Ebay recently had these in open boxes @ $999 a piece.

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware place

    Electribe 2 certainly isn’t junk, like every machine it has its flaws, but its internal synthesis is actually more well featured than the Deluge currently is in a lot of ways, and it sounds good enough, good enough in fact that people like Legowelt make and release tracks made on them.

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    Keeping with the portable power of a boomBapBox. I'm currently working with integrating my deluge output with an ipad for fx and exotic synthesis. (using x2 pan'd outs of the deluge & bluetooth midi)

    Not sure what to use on the input side of things, the lack of velocity key's / pads is something i'm trying to figure out (I love my Nord3p, but its a bit big, maybe some iso-keys i.e. launchpad or a linstrum).

    On the audio input side want to find a tweak-able dirty waveform generator/editor to feed in as an OSC. Going to have a play with my monotron today.

    At the end of the day, an extra bit of kit will not improve my chop's, tone's & riddims. Sweet sonic vibes bang on a tin can ok!

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