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Omnisphere hardware integration


Hello everyone,
I've just recieve my Deluge and I fall in love as I expect!!!
A few month ago I bought a Novation Bass Station 2 to use the new hardware integration of the Spectrasonics Omnisphere feature and I was really impressed.The idea is that you can control omnisphere with your favorite hardware synth. It is not only a midi learn fonction. With the programation of Spectrasonics you can control a lot of thing at the same time and everything is at your fingertips.

It would be a great feature if Spectrasonics ad the Deluge in the hardware list that control Omnisphere! Every short cuts of the Deluge controlling the parameters of the omnisphere synth. Any idea to make a little lobbying to the Spectrasonics team ?

Excuse my bad english, I'm in a deluge!

Kind regards,

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