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Stereo input issue with OP-Z


While trying to record the OP-Z I noticed that the only way to record in stereo was with a TRRS cable.
It isn’t working for me with a stereo mini jack cable + adapter into the line in of the deluge. Tried different adapters and cables and only worked when I used a TRRS mini jack cable into the TRS adapter. Luckily I had one of those cables.

I’m guessing this is probably because of the way the OP-Z is designed, however I didn’t have any issues getting stereo from OP-Z with regular TRS cable into other devices that have mini jack inputs like OP-1 and a Tascam recorder. Thinking it could be because I’m using an adapter for the deluge, I tried a full sized TRS cable into a ¼” to ⅛”mini jack adapter with the same result. I don’t have a ¼” to ⅛” single trs cable and I am not aware they even exist.


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    Does the 1/4" end of your cable/adapter have two black rings or one? A single black ring is for Mono cable, two black rings for stereo.

    Also, verify the same with the 1/8" that goes into the OP-Z. Both ends need to be stereo.

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    Hi there, thanks for the reply. Yes both adapters I tried are stereo and so are the cables. I was aware of the OP-Z being compatible with TRRS cables (you can plug in headphones that have a mic, like iphone earpods, and use the mic with OP-Z) So I thought I’d try a cable with three rings aka TRRS and it worked. But that cable is short and I’m assuming most people don’t have a cable like that. I just happened to have one.

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    Have you tried sampling a left-only or right-only sound from the OP-Z on the deluge? I'm wondering if you are getting mono vs a single channel...

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    I think I’ve figured out what’s going on. It seems to be a software issue with the OP-Z. Because I was able to get stereo with the TRS cable by gently pulling the plug out and then back in. It then seems to switch both channels on.
    To answer your question, I was getting only the left channel from the OP-Z into the Deluge and not mono. I’ll let Teenage Engineering know about this. Thanks for the help.

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