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How many CV/Gate tracks in one song? Two only?


I am using each of the two CV/Gate pairs to send pitch and gate to two voices in my eurorack. Then I want to change the pattern during the next stage of the piece but Deluge won't let me make a new CV track. I think I understand why. Because two tracks can't drive out the same outputs at once. But this means my 'expensive' eurorack voices are tied to just one track/pattern :-( Is there some way to keep the tracks mutually exclusive so I can record more CV Tracks or play different patterns one after another on the same track and repeat some etc?? I have searched high and low for the answer :-( Any suggestions welcome :-)

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    drGrovdrGrov Hampshire, UK
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    Copying a pattern creates a new one on the same CV / Gate pair.

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    SpiderLabSpiderLab Byron Bay

    Thanks drGrov. I thought that wouldn't work but it does since it puts the new track in a new Section and hence it is mutually exclusive. Very clever! That means I can drive my CV into different modular voices via a mult and then change patterns either manually or with the Arranger. Sooper :-)

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    I had a question to jump on this topic, but more regarding the max gate/triggers.
    I have a drum synth (Russian Marsh UDS) with 6 trigger inputs and I'm trying to send 6 separate trigger signals from the 4 gate and 2 CV channels of the deluge.
    However in practice when playing a 16 note loop, I have the first 4 gate channels sending fine via a single kit track and triggering correctly, however the 2 CV tracks only send a single trigger on the first note, per loop. Would there be any way to use the CV channels as separate triggers alongside the four gate sends?
    I understand the use of CV to control pitch, but perhaps there is a method to change the settings of the CV outs to mimic a trigger out?

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware place
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    @amorrison651 You could try this (untested) lay out some steps where you want your “CV triggers” set them as a high note to get enough voltage (5v should be ok) now zoom the grid to 64ths so that immediately after the high notes you will place a very low note (0v or as low as you can get, then it should act like a trigger - a brief 5v pulse follwed by a zero volt gap until the next trigger.

    In theory it should work but you might need to experiment.

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