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Really looking forward to implementation of these simple features, otherwise...

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My Deluge is collecting dust I have to admit. The reason is because when I want to use it, I stumble on certain workflow killer that stops my creative flow.

First, I wish It was possible to midi learn incomming cc number to assign it to a parameter slot instead of entering it manually reqiring to find it in some manual or chart or whatever. Who could know these thing by heart especially when you use tons of different midi gear.
There could be some kind of automated midi assignement of all the cc that have recorded automation, 16 slots is plenty.

On top of that, not being able to see those cc automations and enter them on the grid is quite unfortunate considering what this would bring. For now there is no way to see what is automated beside what you can hear and it gets quickly confusing. I have been also fantasing a lot on drawing automations...

Also, I hope the song view get a redesign à la ableton live. What I mean by that is that 1 color per instrument is very practical, as well as 1 row per track with different clips on that row and a color code for what is playing.
Such a design would not be incompatible with the new song mode introduced by version 2.0. Every clip could have there own row and keeping their Track color, everything would remain clear.

I also wish so much that track lenght could be doubled in keyboard view and that the playhead would be visible in play mode as well as in record mode...

Time will tell if those thing will ever get implemented. The sofware suggeston forum has become such a messed monster and I came to doubt it’s usefulness.
I know Rohan has a lot on it’s plate and the Deluge is already packed with cool features which doesn’t stop people from using it in all sorts of cool way. Nevertheless, I wished it would evolve in that direction otherwise I start to think that perhaps it is not for me no matter how awesome it is.

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