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workergrayworkergray Posts: 161
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Assuming C-1 is 0, one could use the note entry pad to control ALL midi CC's (on a given midi channel) within a single track, rather than a single track dedicated to a single CC.
Additionally, two linked CC's could be merged into a single line in the track-- for instance CC66 is the on/off switch for CC5 portamento time. A note placed anywhere on the timeline for CC5 (or CC66) would denote an "on" status for CC66 and the value of that note (ostensibly the velocity or volume) of that note would control the value of the CC5 (porta speed).

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    OK, Ron. It's now official!

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    EddyEddy ColognePosts: 132

    it took me a few days to understand but of course the Idea is great: Have a view that shows every row as a CC (and even further: If you hit a pad in a row you have another view showin the edit of this particular CC we need horizontal zoom to get better resolution to the MIDI Data

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    really-- all you need to do is hold any note-entry pad and the CC value could display on the overhead LED-- to see what CC your controlling, just hold down the audition pad for that row.
    the digits will either go from 0-127 or from 1-128. A deeper zoom all around would be good but not entirely necessary, since the deluge "smooths-out" in-between values automatically (I'm assuming the same would apply to CC values)

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    workergrayworkergray Posts: 161
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    What would be even better is if the CC values were on a "nested screen"
    You know how we switch between the arranger and song-mode with the "song" button-- well-- you could do that on MIDI tracks. The "top layer" screen for Midi Channel 4 would be musical notes-- then if you tap the "track" button again, it would bring up the CC screen for Midi Channel 4. You could tell the difference because on the CC screen, every 5th audition pad would be lit. Tap the the "track" button again and you're back to note entry.
    This way, everything for Midi Channel 4 can be handled by a single track.

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