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Timing shift (backwards/forwards) per sample row, MPC style but better because Deluge.

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I wasn't able to find this in the manual and I'm a new user. If it does exist then hallelujah and please delete!

The idea, similar to the MPC is the ability to shift the timing of an entire "row" or each individual sample row (or note row) in a sequence. Would be super rewarding for synth/midi/CV obviously! With an MPC I find my self doing this constantly and the results can be just incredible for the humanistic feel of a track even with quantized events. The only issue with the MPC is because of the editing / button combos / interface there is a slight disconnect between the user and the direct access to the resulting timing shift.

With the Deluge their could be more of an immediate human connection to the resulting shift which would then help inform your compositional process / flow and thus your resulting finished piece. If this button combo isn't already taken (prolly is) I would think holding down shift (or shift latch*) and then adjusting the < > knob while holding the appropriate sample audition or sample mute button would be an incredibly fast way to add the groove. Then say +/-12 could be the shift range displayed, maybe the space between a 16th and the next 32nd in either direction on the sequence (not sure of optimal range or timing specifications). If you entered in the original step at a 64th lets say, then the shift would still happen with the same ratio.


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    MachineAgeVoodooMachineAgeVoodoo BerlinPosts: 15

    Zoom into 64th > hold down up/down arrow-knob > turn left/right arrow-knob

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    cloudseedscloudseeds BrooklynPosts: 3
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    @MachineAgeVoodoo said:
    Zoom into 64th > hold down up/down arrow-knob > turn left/right arrow-knob

    I’m talking about being able to shift each sound or sample by a tiny increment but just the row that sample or note is on. It seems like you gave directions on how to shift an entire sequence with all it’s events by 1/64 is that correct? Maybe I’m missing something, again I’m new to the Deluge.

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