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Long tracks VS Arranger track instances?!


I'm a little bit more familiar with my deluge, but I was wandering... let's say a standard pop song, 3-4 minutes, is it possible to make it only with tracks?! Can a track be that long or it has a limit?! Also, what would be the pros and cons about making it using tracks/song vs arranger?!



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    You can do it with tracks, no limit to the track length. But arranger mode is designed for it and once you learn it, it works much better for arranging a song. And in arranger mode, you're still working with and manipulating things like track lengths etc.
    If you ,in arranger, extend an instance like a note you make it loop longer, but if you extend it and then make it a unique instance by shift-pressing it so it turns white, you change the actual track length, and could then f.ex. record automation that is longer than the loop itself.

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    ClydePaquinClydePaquin Montreal, Quebec

    Thanks! I'm having a hard time understanding the structure of "Arranger mode"... let's say I'm in Song 1A, a have a a kit track and a synth track... when in "Song" view I see my 2 tracks... but when I go in Arranger it's like another song... (a little test that I made when I got my deluge) so the Arranger is not associate with a song?! Is it associate with tracks?! How can I find my arrangements after?!

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    IcoustikIcoustik Norway
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    In arranger you find your tracks that you've made in song/ loop mode, and you can place 'blocks' of them, called instances, in a timeline going towards the right side of the grid :) You can f.ex. extend and cut the instances like we do with notes in a synth track.

    So essentially you make loops/tracks and then you can arrange them i.e. line them up in the order you want them to play

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    hello , is it possible to loop in arranger mode and play a keyboard for exemple without go in song mode ?

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    it's ok i found : 12,53mn

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    ah no it's no possible...

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