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SD card - content modification?

WillWill Middle of NowHere, CanadaPosts: 156

I just received my unit - I'm thrilled.

Just trying to get some of my own sounds into the machine, and when I try to access the SD card, I see that it is "write only".

I'm on a Mac. (High Sierra 10.13.1)

Can someone instruct me how to alter this?




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    mcpepemcpepe Marbella, SpainPosts: 73

    There is a little thing in the SD card you can move to unlock the card. Try it!

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    WillWill Middle of NowHere, CanadaPosts: 156

    I checked - the card is not locked, but thanks for responding


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    justindavidowjustindavidow Winnipeg, CanadaPosts: 16

    Hi Will! (o/ from Manitoba!)

    I'm not sure what you mean by "write only" for the SD card; I assume you mean "read only"?

    (If it's showing up as Read-only..)
    There's a known problem with many Mac built-in SD card adapters that the detection sensor is borked and mis-reads the read-only toggle on the SD card (in some situations) Give this a try to see if it's the problem: (I know how stupid that sounds / looks; but many users at the company I work for have had similar problems over the last ~2 years only to find that the built-in SD card reader was faulty; and trying that did work for them)

    Alternatively; I'd recommend getting a second (working) SD card of the same size; and copying the contents from the old card to the new. (if a brand-new card also doesn't work in your computer; take it to an apple store for repair)

    Good luck!

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    WillWill Middle of NowHere, CanadaPosts: 156

    You're correct - Read Only was the issue.

    Somehow, after inserting and removing the card a few times, the issue has resolved itself.

    Certainly makes me think about checking out the whole Downrush option. (it would be nice not to have to remove the SD card to transfer files, do onscreen editing, etc.)

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