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Prophet 6 Pad Samples


I made it for my own use and i like it, hope you like it too :)

Its a chromatic sampled pad from C1 to C5 recorded in Stereo via the P6 thru a Neve Stereo 1272 pre (no EQ or Comp) to Pro Tools via the Burl B80 at 44.1 Khz/16 bits.

There is a second folder with some "Double Bass" notes, i merged the C1 octave to the C2 octave to add more punch to the C2 octave bass (useful when using a smaller keyboard controller).
As it is on the kit and song i've uploaded, you have this "doubled notes" version on your Kit, but you can swap these notes by adding the original "non doubled" range of notes that come in the Chromatic folder to your kit with the "Replace" option on your computer.

The Kit number is 199 and the song number is 8, it has all the samples already assigned and ready to be controlled via midi.



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    Thanks! I'll give it a try. As yet I haven't figured out how to load samples. Once in awhile it works for me, mostly not.

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