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Deluge + Touchè — not registering midi cc learn


Hi there,

I’m hoping to use my touchè to control some parameters on my deluge’s internal synth. How do I route ccs to these params? midi learn isn’t working for me.

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    Which parameters are you trying to modulate? Some parameters cant be mapped to knobs, so that might be part of the problem.

    Also, how are you connecting the touche to the deluge? Midi? I was just watching some videos about the touche and was thinking about getting one, but i'd like to know if it can actually work with the deluge before investing.

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    @rohan Are there any plans to expose Synth / FX params to midi mapping for external automation or physical controls?

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    @jonriley How are you doing the midi learn process ? :)

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    drGrovdrGrov Hampshire, UK

    I just got a Touche and had a quick attempt at mapping with the Deluge. My Deluge is connected to a MIO 10 MIDI router via USB and so I just connected the Touche the same way. Then it was a "simple" case of following the manual on how to map external MIDI controllers to sound parameters. A few clicks / wobbles later and I had the Touche controlling the filter cutoff and res.

    This is going to be fun...

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