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MIDI Learn on record working with audio / sample recording

ClemClem AUckLand Aotearoa NeuZEULOND

This is something that would add to the Deluge's awesomeness for me as I'd love to be able to record guitar and bass parts by hitting a midi foot controller to start / end the recording.

I can use MIDI learn to to record midi notes into the Deluge. However when recording a sample into a kit track, I get it ready to record and where I hit the learned midi note the record button lights up, but it seems to be going into the mode where it records midi notes rather than starting to record a sample from the audio input (which is what it would do if I hit the record button at that point).

At the moment I have to get around this by pressing the record button and then starting playing at the beginning of the next loop, and then trimming the start of the recording ... but that's not a great workflow. The option to have record start automatically on the next loop start (which is discussed here would also really help with this, but the ultimate would be that plus midi learn for sample recording.


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    ClemClem AUckLand Aotearoa NeuZEULOND

    I'm surprised no one else is into this idea ... wouldn't being able to start and stop recording audio with a foot controller be really useful for some people?

    Or is this something that can already be done somehow? Or is there another post on this same thing?

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, Germany

    Yeah I guess it’s kinda covered in the external looper section maybe?

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    IcoustikIcoustik Norway
    edited October 11

    Yeah this is basically a duplicate post, and the title is not worded to immediately give the vision of what you want.
    But I want it too :)

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    ClemClem AUckLand Aotearoa NeuZEULOND

    Actually I think you're right, the solution should be to include midi mapping options for starting / stopping recording of the loops as part of the live looping implementation. I'll add a suggestion on that thread.

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    ClemClem AUckLand Aotearoa NeuZEULOND

    Icoustik I don't think it's exactly a duplicate post, but perhaps a superceded one.

    What I was asking for is something really simple - to be able to start recording a sample at the exact time midi signal mapped to the record button is triggered, i.e. for a midi foot controller to be able to do what the record button does now (for audio samples).

    But probably superceded as it would makes sense for new midi mapping options to be included with the looping feature. Though if the looping feature isn't planned to be added in the near future it would still be nice to have this as a quick fix in the meantime.

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    EddyEddy Cologne

    on my ASRX I can start sampling triggered by a note and I can use a "silent" note as well.
    Maybe that is a way you can explore on the Deluge?

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