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Does anyone else give each sound it's own kit or sampler?


So since I've had my Deluge I've struggled a bit to find a workflow that suits first I tried making full songs within a kit (which really sucked) and also launching clips from the song view was cool, but also a bit confusing with all the different colours, and when the Arrangement view was first released, I didn't really use it much at first as it felt like a sideways song view to me, and with the same confusion over the colours.

But now I've found the best way for me to work with the Deluge, is by giving each and every sound it's own kit or sampler, so that each sound has it's own lane and colour in the Arrangement's much more like a linear DAW sequencer that way, theres no more confusion over colours, and also you don't have to keep making multiple changes across the different variations of clips when you decide you wanna change one sound.

Does anyone else work like this with the Deluge?


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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware place

    Yes, aside from when using a specific drumkit when I do not need the separation I like to have each sample on its own dedicated track. Exceptions to this might be if I had multiple loop variations or stems where only 1 instance needed to play at a time, in that case I’d wrap them all together in a kit.

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    Good to see I'm not the only one working like this! :)

    Another bonus I've found from working this way, is that if you turn on 'affect entire', you then get another layer of FX, another filter and some more volume for each sound.

    One downside so far though is that there's only 12 colours available in song view, so that means some sounds have to get the same colour.... I've made a suggestion to give us all of the other colours that are available in kit view.

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    RaoelRaoel Netherlands

    Good idea! I have the feeling this could be turned into a software-suggestion, but when I think "how should this work?" I do not see an obvious solution.

    Things I thought of:

    • introduce a new view, with each pad a sample or a synth (but how can you find that specific sample you'd like to mute? Based on color/location/something else?)
    • when you hold a random button on a line in the trackview, buttons on the right will show the samples in the kit (and you would be able to scroll through them)
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    how do you do that? indeed sometimes I have the same sound but with different riffs and they have the same color and it makes me confused

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    @happyclimber said:
    how do you do that? indeed sometimes I have the same sound but with different riffs and they have the same color and it makes me confused

    I put the different riffs with the same colour on the next row down from each for me the top red row is my main riff, and the red rows below that are the variations of it.

    I would like to have them all on the same row though, but not really possible atm.

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    I'm not sure to understand !!! ;) but I try ;)

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