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What's your favourite MIDI controller for a simple and portable Deluge set-up?

Ry_n_IRy_n_I Auckland, New ZealandPosts: 7

I love my Deluge and most of the time I play it without anything else connected. I've recently started using keyboard mode quite a lot since as a guitar player, I find it significantly easier to play than a real keyboard. I do however own an Axiom MIDI keyboard and an AKAI MPD 16 which I use every now and then for recording velocity sensitive performances on the keys and pads.

The MIDI controller I use most frequently is a Korg NanoKontrol 2. I love the small and basic design, and having a row of faders and knobs is the most useful form of MIDI controlling with the Deluge in my opinion. For instance, I often manipulate filter cut off frequencies and delay amounts and it is really nice to be able to have fingers controlling both of these at the same time, rather than having to change fx slots when using the gold Deluge knobs.

So I am quite satisfied with using the Deluge with just some extra control over parameters. My only criticism with the NanoKontrol is that it does not have 5-pin MIDI cable compatibility and only works with USB. Therefore I currently have to be connected to a computer also as the USB MIDI host. This is no trouble at home but for an easily portable live set-up I would love to have something very similar to a NanoKontrol in design but with a midi cable plugged into the Deluge and no computer required.

So my questions to the community are:
-What kind of controllers do you use for a minimal Deluge set-up?
-Are there any other simple, small and affordable ones out there I should look out for?
-Do you have a way of using a USB only MIDI controller with the Deluge without a computer?



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