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USB HOST midi interface with Raspberry Zero

sIRwa2sIRwa2 Posts: 5

Hi guy's

I like to share my almost finished project to have "usb only controllers" work directly with de Deluge (or any other usb midi device for that matter) the Idea was brought to my attention on the Deluge Facebook group by Fabio Barbon.

Here is the deal:

Raspberry Zero with wifi and bluetooth (get them while they still out there, i think production stopped on those)
usb hub hat (it fits nicely on it)

How it works:

The Zero is running vanilla raspbian jessie in read only, so you can pull the power and don't risk sd-card corruption. The Zero wakes up and automatically connects the midi devices. thats it!

for maintenance, the Zero is configured to connect to my hotspot automatically, If it doesn't find my network, it will create a hotspot for you to connect to and that way you can ssh into it and configure what ever you like.

Thats how far i took it, software is running,, have to build a nice box to house the zero and 3 usb ports.. theoretically you could add a cheap usb to midi din adaptor and have an even more versatile device! i heard bluetooth midi works as well, i didn't test that

i used the following guides:

step one:

install Raspbian Jessie (i didn't go for Stretch because i couldn't get it boot properly in read only without errors)

step two:

get midi working:

to auto configure at boot i didn't use the cron methode as mentioned but i added the following to /etc/rc.local
aconnect 20:0 24:0
aconnect 24:0 20:0

step three:

set up the autohotspot:

step four

make it read only:

this, off course, works with any raspberry.


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