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Ordered my Deluge this week. I have loads of questions still.

SamuelSamuel Rotterdam, NetherlandsPosts: 33

(this was also posted on the DelugeUsers subreddit)

Hey there Delugers, I still have to wait quite some time till I get my Deluge in since Synthstrom has trouble keeping up with the amount of orders (when can we expect to hear more Synthstrom?), but I'd like be prepared as best as I can before I start. I have some questions which I hope some of you might be able to answer:

  1. How are the standard samples and patches? What kind of sounds/genres are easy "out of the box"?
  2. Is it possible to share projects or patches with other users easily? Do project files include custom samples for example?
  3. Are there any limitations to the amount of Delay and Reverb you can use? What happens if you overuse these effects?
  4. How well does the Deluge play with live instruments (in my case Saxophone)? Can I use the Deluge as a live looper?
  5. Is it possible to seamlessly switch between different projects for a live performance or are there load times? Are there other ways of performing multiple songs in succession without ankward silences?
  6. Does swing mode work well in triplets view? Can I make more complicated latin rhythms like chacarera or cumbia?
  7. If I can find the right USB connectors, is it possible to use a USB Midi Keyboard with the Deluge USB port? Does the Deluge provide power to these Keyboards?

Looking forward to becoming part of this community and share awesome tunes with you!

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 289
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    Good on you to do some research! Also welcome!
    1. Yep u got it
    2. Sharing works great. Synth presets can be anything/unique as their saved in the song file themselves. Unless samples are used. Then a sample folder needs to be included that is located at the top of the samples directory in its own folder. Itl make sense to u latr
    3. You can do whatever but u will hit cpu limits. Some effects like the analog delay are cpu heavy. You can always resample tho to free up rescources
    4. Looper" no but song mode loops your arrangment position. Youl see.
    5.yes does it really fast and pretty seamless too
    6.idk id say yeah Its not a midi host like a computer. U need something like a bome box or kenton box


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    SamuelSamuel Rotterdam, NetherlandsPosts: 33

    So I found answers to my own questions:
    1. Anything Electronic (duh) and anything sample based. Nice. Haven't seen much Dubstep / Drum and Bass stuff tho.
    2. It seems that as long as you use the standard library it should be fine to only share the project file. No idea how this translates to stuff with heavy sample use.
    3. No clue...
    4. You can add tons of effects, but no looper function yet.
    5. YES, switching between tunes is easy and seamless! Awesome!
    6. Haven't found examples of this just yet. I would really love to see some more complicated rhythm types demonstrated.
    7. No clue about this yet...

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    ZenoZeno NetherlandsPosts: 5

    @Samuel Have you found any Drum and Bass or Dubstep stuff yet? Or have you succeeded in making something in that genre on the Deluge?

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,040

    @Samuel said:

    1. If I can find the right USB connectors, is it possible to use a USB Midi Keyboard with the Deluge USB port? Does the Deluge provide power to these Keyboards?
    v3 changes this. but u need special cables for this (ordered mine at
    note, the list does not tell if the Deluge can power the controller, just if usb midi works. imho this is not quite right for controllers that are USB powered (no AC) and Deluge cannot power them. not 100% sure if there are USB only powered controllers the Deluge can't power, with the right cable it might work.

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