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Arranger View Playback Indicator Auto Scroll Option


This is going to be needed very quickly as people build songs many pages wide. Once you finish building your song in the Arranger View (which is awesome), when you press Play, it'll start playing from the beginning many many pages to the left. Good luck rushing to scroll to the left to find and then keep up with the playback indicator. When you press play, there should be an option that will auto-jump the grid to the first page where the playback indicator currently is, and then it should keep the indicator fixed in the middle of the grid. Thanks!


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    o0_o0_ SANTA MONICAPosts: 107

    Having an option to quickly switch between a paged and scrolled view for all mode ( track / song / arranger ) would be great. Either has a true follow ( the cursor stays centered, and the view scrolls one step at a time ) or a paged follow ( where the page auto scrolls in single page increments ) would be great

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    DJCDJC Posts: 2

    Yes! Excellent ideas! Give us the option please to configure it however we want, centered cursor, paged follow, or no follow at all.

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