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Fast forward when browsing samples, presets and songs

amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 915

Dont know if this hurts other users too. I got some folders with 200+ samples, it is very very tedious to browse to the last sample.
I try to structure my sample folders so they don't contain too much files. But this is not always feasible or requires too much work sometimes. Same for presets, I got 200+ presets, going to the 100. preset (in the middle) takes too long.

Shift + Turn left/right in Sample browsing:
Instead of selecting the next entry in a folder, jump 10 entries.

So I can browse to the last sample in a large list without turning the knob for hours like an underpaid factory worker ;-)
Thats exaggerated of course ;-)


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    o0_o0_ SANTA MONICAPosts: 107

    For presets and songs, I'd like to skip over versions by default, and only go into them once I'm there. so I don't want to have to scroll through A-Z on every song version on my way there. Ideally the dotted version is always the latest saved version, and anything A-Z are other versions that you can then sub-browse into.

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