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New Deluge Guide using Icons & Colour Coding

booyipbooyip UK
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I had an idea over the weekend to add some colour to the Deluge knobs and edit the popular commands section of the manual. I am hoping it will help beginners (like me) learn the basics a little quicker and be fun to use.

It kind of took on a life of its own since I started it but am pretty happy with the results so far. I am waiting for some larger round stickers to arrive so the current Deluge Pic attached is a bit naff, but you get the idea. I haven't coloured around the main Grid, or the Mute/Audition areas as probably not needed (using rhyming & alliteration etc. to match colour to function - well they made me chuckle!), but I may do a little something in future to complete the look. Even without applying stickers to the device I hope the guide works for people.

A few of the commands I re-worded to make more sense to me and re-grouped them a little too (though there is more that could be done here). Am keen to gather more popular commands than those in the manual, so if you have ideas for shortcuts or regular button combinations, please reply below and I'll have a look at adding them in future updates. Also let me know if any mistakes or suggestions to improve.

If you have an ipad, the PDF saved to iBooks works great to swipe from page to page. Save the trees!

PDF doesn't attach as file - hope this URL works...

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    o0_o0_ SANTA MONICA

    Very nice!

    Speaking of colors, what I would love to see is a pad shortcut overlay that is color-coded by section. I'd rather learn that the 4 pads for the delay are orange, rather than remembering how many pads from the bottom right corners gets me there.

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware place


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    patchpatch Ireland

    That’s a nice thing to do for everyone.

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    fryyyyfryyyy germany
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