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Arranger mode feature - start mid track for intros/lead-ins


Have been thinking about this one a bit of late, and then today a similar query hit the FB page, so I thought I'd add my thoughts here for consideration.

Arranger is amazing in that you can set a track instance to be (by default) its own length .. or:

  • make it longer without track doubling
  • make it shorter without editing track either.

Both of these are down by holding down the main instance pad, then simultaneously clicking forward. Dim white LEDs will fill out the length. And yes you can change this anytime you want.

What would be super-cool though would be if you could go backwards as well. ie hold down main instance pad and simultaneously click behind it. This would allow the particular track instance to start mid way - or intro/lead-in.
(for sensible reasons, probably only need to be able to go back as far as one natural track length)

This would make loops that don't naturally begin on the 1st beat of the bar.

For example, (0 is LED off, # is main bright instance pad, X is dim instance 'tail'), this instance in 4:4 starts on the 4th beat of the bar and plays for 4 bars, stopping on the 3rd beat to avoid the 4th beat at the end.


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