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AUTOMAP (recover missing files)

workergrayworkergray Saint Petersburg FloridaPosts: 172

After adding new samples to the existing file structure, it sometimes becomes necessary to reorganize and recategorize the content of the folders.

If the deluge were somehow able to scan the directory tree and discover missing files from a song at load time and then remap the song file (upon confirmation) that would be stupendous. The name of the file is already stored in the song so it already "knows" what to look for.

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 600


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    cypher79cypher79 UKPosts: 157

    A similar suggestion of a 'Collect All & Save' feature has been requested a number of would make a copy of all samples and synth patches used in a song and place them in a folder with the song file.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 915

    a solution that would work well in most situation could be done, yes. Roland SP808 had that too.

    @workergray said:

    The name of the file is already stored in the song so it already "knows" what to look for.

    Nah, not always. Sample names are not unique, and no chance to pick the right samples if samples or folders gets renamed by the user.

    Did write in another thread I can image 2 ways how to do it right:

    • Distinct application for moving and renaming stuff that automatically corrects the XMLs. Drawback: you can't use ur System Finder/Explorer.
    • Hashing: store fingerprints for each sample assigned to a song, kit or synth. Fingerprints are like unique sample names. If a sample is missing, software will find the audio assigned if it still exists. Drawback: Hashing had to be done before a sample is missing. Not so easy..
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