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oscillator volume reset


I don’t think it’s a bug exactly, but while auditioning single sample waveforms, when I choose a new sample, the oscillator volume resets to 50. Since I never have both oscillators set to 50, this means a big leap in volume.

Transpose doesn’t change, sample mode doesn’t change, no other parameters do (thankfully), just osc volume. Which means I must hold shift + the oscillator volume pad and change the volume every time I want to hear a new sample. I don’t have to do this when I change the oscillator from saw to square, for instance, or even when I switch between a saw wave and a sample. So this behavior occurs only in this instance. I can’t think of the benefit of resetting the oscillator volume every time a sample is chosen, maybe there is something I am overlooking.

This does not qualify as a feature, I think, so I am making a different kind of request to change behavior and to leave the oscillator volumes as they are when browsing and loading in a new sample. Thank you!


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