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Deluge giving mild shock


So, turns out if I touch the case and also one of the top silver screws I get a mild shock with a sting to it.
This is only when plugged in.
I'm using a standard enough dual usb socket charger.
I confirmed it recently but suspected it for a while. I guess I rarely touched the case and silver screws simultaneously before.


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    beakerbeaker Adelaide


    Alas this can happen with many things these days. USB ports 0v is connected to GND on most audio/music devices as USB does not use 'floating' supplies of 'differential' signalling.

    To add to this, if you look at bigclive's Youtube page, you will see lots of reviews of USB power supplies that have dodgy internal electronics that can leave the output somewhat connected to the mains !!

    More expensive (apple, samsung, sony and other big brands) don't do this.

    So I'd recommend you unplug Deluge from supply and connected it to, say the USB output of a laptop running off it's own batteries. If the 'sparkle' shock doesn't re-occur - then it's your USB power supply probably doing this and I'd throw it in the bin ASAP.

    Very unlikely that it's the Deluge generating a high voltage that you'd feel, as it only inverts to 12v max for CV gate out

    Greg (Electronic Engineer)

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    beakerbeaker Adelaide

    Digitakt is DC powered via PSU-3b no?
    So USB 0v could be internally isolated.

    Oh and most usb power supplies won't do the naughty 'tingle' .. but some a bl**dy dangerous.

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    patchpatch Ireland

    Thanks for the comments.
    Time to bin that usb charger then!

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