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More USB Midi Ports?

nosepeoplenosepeople United StatesPosts: 49

Hello all.

I am getting the funds together for a Deluge. My understanding is that there are only 16 channels, and they are currently sent through the USB and DIN Midi ports simultaneously. (Please correct me if I'm wrong).

This is awkward. Some devices should see clock and start/stop/continue and some shouldn't. Clock isn't filterable per midi channel (it doesn't have a channel), so separate ports are needed.

Also there are transmission speed limits. Sending multiple channels of data through one port and using a thru box is possible, but with dense parts the timing of individual events will vary, causing flams. Even below that level there will be an detectable loss of tightness. And, when clock is mixed with other data, its timing can vary as well, causing timing jitter. Spreading out the midi data over multiple ports can mitigate these problems.

So, to address these concerns, I suggest adding additional virtual USB Midi ports. It can be done; the Cirklon, which has the same USB B port as the Deluge, has 6 virtual bidirectional USB ports. These ports, once added to the Deluge, could be accessed via an iConnect interface, or directly by plugging into a computer. This would let anyone who needed the additional ports access them.

It may seem like an esoteric request, but it would really be very practical for larger setups.

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