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Two newbie questions



I have a couple of quick newbie questions in my quest to understand the Deluge:

Is it easy to reassign a track using internal synths to a MIDI track? So I can make it play VST synths easily?

Has the "gather samples" functionality been implemented? If not, is there any way of easily seeing what samples a given track uses – the .XML files, perhaps?

Thank you!


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    beakerbeaker AdelaidePosts: 39

    1) Yep, you can change a track from internal synth to midi and back with no issues. Did this on a recent flight and used all internal synth tracks .. then came home and re-routed some to my Nord Lead A1.

    2) Nope. But yes you can scan the Song files to search for the wav samples being used. Please note that Songs store a local copy of Synth and Kit data in the song file .. but point globally to Samples !!

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