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External Midi: Velocity for modulation matrix support

MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 89

Ok so my understanding is that the mod matrix gets a bit underutilized, but it's a truely great way to add a bit of organic texture to a line. Coding a hi hat beat to have a bit of random (3rd up far right pad) on the master volume (1st up 7th across) makes it sound much more like a real drummer, which is fantastic. Also binding the LFO in a time lock with a sine wave to the arp rate gives a really whacky and fun tempo changing but locked in arp - very fun stuff!
What would be really cool is if the velocity of notes when targetting external midi devices could be integrated into the mod matrix, as currently only the arp is available (and we also can't mod the arp in midi mode). Having the ability to use the deluges random or LFO to control midi velocity would be a really fantastic feature!
Taking further, the mod matrix could be utilized to control the cc values too. An infinite wealth of possibilities would be opened up for people like me who use external devices with the deluge!

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