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Additional Midi Control for parameter knobs => push knob (toggle)

fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 152

We can already assign midi CC controls to the parameter knobs:

From the manual

Next, we’ll assign one of the gold parameter knobs to a MIDI parameter. Press down on one of the parameter knobs. The word “NONE” will blink on the Deluge’s text display, indicating that no assignment exists yet. While holding down that parameter knob, turning the select knob will cycle through the available CC numbers - CC0 all the way up to CC119, and beyond that, the options “BEND” and “AFTErtouch”. MIDI parameter names which already contain some automation will display with a dot next to them.

However we cannot assign a any control to the push action of the parameter knob. This would be useful however for assigning midi CC toggle parameters. As you can see, the novation peak has some CC messages that toggle certain parameters on or off. Like the glide on off has a value range of 0-1. For these things it would be useful if we can assign it to a parameter push knob to turn on/off glide.

The assignment could be done by pressing SHIFT+KNOB and turning the select knob. By additionally pressing the select knob, we can define the max cycle range in steps from 1 to 127 ( corresponding to 0-1 to 0-127) Which means with every press the CC value gets incremented by 1 until the max is reached. So setting the max range to 2 will result in a toggle sequence of 0, 1, 2, 0, 1, 2 for every knob push.

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    acecs1989acecs1989 United StatesPosts: 2

    I'm a big fan of adding this feature! I use an rc-505 looper and this would be a huge help in order to trigger the start/stop of tracks using the Deluge sequencer. As you stated, many other external pieces of equipment stand to benefit from this as well.

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