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Keyboard & Scale Mode Recording bug?


Think it's a bug...only a minor one, but when play+record a synth with Keyboard and Scale modes on, if you play an unlit note (ie, a note not in the chosen scale) the button pressed lights up as if step recording - when it should just stay unlit when released I think? You find the scale keyboard quickly disappears as all buttons are soon lit when you play a couple more similar unlit notes. Also can't change the scale type once this has happened.

Open a new track in same song, Keyboard and Scale on by default all buttons show lit and can't change scale. If you delete all the previous notes recorded in grid mode, you can then go change Scale type again.

Using 2.0. Not sure if this happened in 1.4 too.


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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 153

    This is actually deliberate. Recording a note not in the scale adds it to the scale, and this causes any corresponding pads to be illuminated in keyboard view.

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    booyipbooyip UKPosts: 10

    Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying.

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