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Arranger bar/beat and elapsed time display. Markers.

darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placePosts: 151

A bar/beat display would make navigation much nicer, and an elapsed time display would be handy when for example wanting to fit a piece of music to a specific duration.

Markers would be handy when editing the arrangement- maybe navigate to desired point, hold learn, turn main encoder to select a marker number 1-8 press save to store marker, to recall hold learn, scroll to marker number, press select.

BTW is the beta still open for participation @Ian_Jorgensen @rohan @Sam ?


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    robleighton22robleighton22 MelbournePosts: 27

    Fully agree. This would really help laying out a full song. I can see a few additions like this making the song building experience more intuitive than a daw.

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