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Pattern Chain


I would love to see some type of pattern chain implemented. Seamless transition from one "song" to another automatically once the arrangement view has ended in a song. This is pretty much the only thing missing from this device for me and would make a huge difference in creating a complicated live set with my band mate. There is currently no way we can guarantee to be in time with everything we have programmed on our respective machines when we move from one song to the next, at the moment we are either going to need to stop the next track to sync and start again (not ideal for a fluid live set) or make sure the next song is loaded at exactly the correct time for the longest loop to have played for every single song we play...mistakes are easily made and this could be a disaster live if it goes wrong. I do not know if the hardware allows for this but it would be an amazing addition if it could be done.


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    Same here.

    There should be certain number of people who want to use the device to play programmed songs as a backing track along with external synth, guitar, etc.

    I need to chain variety of songs to cover entire performance.

    I have Octatrack and Toraiz SP-16 those are both capable of doing it by using their Arranger modes.
    (in case of Octa I use a “bank” per song and for SP-16 a “scene”. Banks or Scenes can easily be chained freely)

    While those two machines looks to be more performance oriented, if Deluge can follow that will definitely be a big plus.

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    Deluge does not recognize Midi Program Changes yet, and i think PGMs should target Songs. Not a deluxe solution for your problem but using the midi feedback workaround you could program the Song changes on the Deluge itself using PGMs.

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