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saved songs disappear from SD :-(


OK, so looks like I’m joining the list of people who have lost songs or kits😕
earlier today i saved a version of a tune to 0.M. meaning song 0 (zero) version M
It saved perfect when i originally saved it earlier today but now tonight, I have lost every version after H!!!.
6 versions are gone. I checked the SD card on my Macbook Pro and the card seems fine. But versions 0H to 0M are just gone!

I purchased this 32gig SD the day after getting my Deluge about a month ago. I don’t know if its an SD issue or Deluge issue.

and no, I did not back up yesterday. I was composing on the Deluge and the laptop was about 30 kilometres away at home.


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    RandyRandy Australia

    thanks alien_brain. battery wasn’t fully charged when saving as i was running off the battery. but it definitely no where near flat.

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    rohanrohan Staff

    Hi Randy, let me know if it happens again. We're surprised that people are reporting SD card problems - I've never seen data loss first-hand, and I test random firmware builds on the Deluge all day. You can email me on

    I'd be very surprised if saving to the card with a low battery caused a problem unless the battery actually completely died right at the instant at which you were saving.

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    karousinkarousin Germany

    Since i bought the deluge, i lost songs two times now. The first time i was on battery power and switched off the deluge pretty fast after saving, so i thought it maybe didn't have enough time to write (and flush) all changes to the sd card. Second time though, it was on usb power and i waited a while before powering off, still 2 songs disappeared.

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    rohanrohan Staff

    Sorry to hear. Could anyone experiencing SD card issues please update to the new firmware V2.0.0, and let me know if they get the same problem again on this firmware? It improves some details of the SD card access, so hopefully should be better in some regards. Still not sure what would be causing this problem exactly.

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    rohanrohan Staff

    Just letting everyone know, I've just shared a new beta firmware version, V2.0.1-beta1, which I'm hoping will do a lot to prevent data loss issues on SD cards. Among other tweaks, after saving a file, it reads some of that file back off the card and checks that it reads back correctly, giving the user an error if so. Hopefully this will go a great way to solve any problems.

    If any users would like to give this a try, you can join our firmware beta testing group - please let me know if you do somehow suffer any data loss while using that build.

    And for the rest of our users who don't wish to beta-test, we're aiming to release V2.0.1 within about 3 weeks.

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware place

    @rohan - any possibility to join the beta without facebook?

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    I unboxed two days ago, made some saves in kit and today I went to load one and the Deluge says 'none'.

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    rohanrohan Staff

    Complex_Crush, did you save songs or kits? Could it be that you saved kits, but are trying to load songs, and that's why it's saying 'none'?

    darenager, sorry, we only distribute beta builds via Facebook currently.

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    Hi! The day after unboxing my Deluge lost some samples on the kits. Then i downloaded the SD backup from the site, got them back to the SD and no problem, but today i've lost all my songs! this is my fifth day using it so thankfully just were some tests and improvisations but now i'm worried to keep using it with this issue.
    I've changed the stock SD for a new one i''l hope this fix it.

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    LJELJE Sydney

    I have just lost about 2 months of work. I lost 4 songs. The songs are there on the SD card on my computer but won't load into my deluge. Can anyone help me I tour Europe in a couple of weeks and I am not sure if I will be able to reprogram in time.

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    Hi LJE, oh dear, sorry to hear!

    What SD card are you using?

    For anyone following this thread, after numerous reports of users experiencing problems with the ADATA 16GB cards we were supplying earlier this year, we have switched to supplying a Verbatim 16GB card with all new Deluges, and offered free replacements to all affected customers (you would have got an email in September). So far, we haven't heard of a single problem with the Verbatim cards.

    Prior to supplying the ADATA 16GB cards, we supplied ADATA 8GB cards, and these were fine - no reported problems, so don't worry if you have one of these. Only the ADATA 16GB cards were causing users problems.

    LJE, you say the files are there when you view the card's contents in your computer. They haven't been reduced to 0 bytes in size, have they? That'd be a bad sign. If there's still some data in them though, you can try emailing them to me, and I'll see if I can recover anything.

    Best of luck!

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    happyclimberhappyclimber france
    edited October 24

    hello ,I have a question, a new kit created with new sample is automatically recorded ? when I off my deluge, I lose my kit every time. the new kit is in the new song but is not accessible with other you understand me ? sorry I'm French....

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    it's ok I have tu push select button, it's not explained in notice.

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