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"FILE" alert when turning on Deluge / Problem with factory presets


I've uploaded some new synth presets to my SD Cards and then I've changed their names using "Advanced Renamer" software. Now my Deluge doesn't see any of them. Moreover, when I turn on the Deluge I see "FILE" alert blinking for about 1 second. The same alert shows up when I'm creating a new synth track.
1. Any ideas? :) Is the SD Card broken? My songs and kits are ok.
2. And is there a place where I can download Deluge factory presets?



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    sarmismsarmism ManchesterPosts: 6

    Similar problem here. New Deluge, 1.4 software. I've loaded some new samples on the SD and now my Deluge won't load anything... Just flashes File at me.

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    sarmismsarmism ManchesterPosts: 6

    In the end I backed up the SD and formatted it. Seems to be working OK now...

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    KlaustrophilKlaustrophil Posts: 39
    edited July 2018

    Have the same problem right now after upgrading to 2.0. Formatting the card didn't helped. Filesystem checks are passing. Can't imagine that the card alone is the problem.

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    cypher79cypher79 UKPosts: 150

    I had something like this happen, turns out I'd accidentally knocked the lock switch on the SD card.

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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 145

    Klaustrophil, does your SD card still have its SYNTHS folder, and is there a file called SYNT000.XML in it?

    The FILE error on boot means it can't find this file.

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    Sorry for the silence, yes the file structure was broken. There was a mistake with extracting the new folder structure.

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    TobdolyTobdoly Grenoble - FrancePosts: 2

    Yeah, I often have this problem, sometimes putting the sd in and out fix it, sometimes not. On the deluge group (Facebook), users told me to change the sd. I'll give it a try..

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