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Midi looper for live/performance jamming?

mrrafsmrrafs ukPosts: 39

How are people doing this?

Thinking of replacing my cuircit, for external drum pad machine/keyboard synth looping. (i.e. midi in too play a external keyboard synth and have it looped with midi out to loop external synth).. Seriously thinking of getting a deluge for this instead, if it would work? Advice anyone, not sure.

What strategies / possibilities / limitations have you guys figured out?

  • simple rock solid performance setups?
  • live workflow for jumping between int/ext instruments recording loops live.
  • triggering record start/stop or pre-arming starts or set length stops/loops.
  • redoing/clearing bad loops or doing overdubs etc..
  • adding quantisation or humanisation (probability drum hits, slipping a set/layer of drums late or early etc.)
  • having midi on separate channels or global per cc, depending on the external kit.

anyone seen vids of this in action, or done this sort of loop jamming? cheers.

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    mrrafsmrrafs ukPosts: 39
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    ok - so after I'd... RTFM!

    I have answered some of my questions: but still some are outstanding confirmations pls++:

    • The pre-arming only works to start at the next longest loop start point, rather than having the loop to start from first press? i.e. Lengths of live midi recorded loops are pre-set, not a quantized length between record start/stop?

    • quickly redoing bad loops: When looping midi, one always records over the previous notes, not clearing the whole track and starting again. i.e. One would have to delete the track and re-record, or mute the track and record to a new track?

    • Humanisation: Can a whole track be slipped/shifted - i.e. the kick track becomes 1/32 late? Can Random be added to a track, to loosen the performance and add slight variation(late or early or both) to the timing of a track i.e. the snare?

    • Can the shutter be used as a note repeat (with triplets) when playing notes (if the midi drum pad does not have note repeat)

    thanks peeps++

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