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Problem with Reverb


See the video below. Do you have the same problem? Simple pattern with hudge reverb (Roomsize 50). Is it really too hard for Deluge to manage? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Firmware 1.4.


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    pfrfpfrf ca, u.s.a.Posts: 117
    edited June 2018

    That sure sounds bad!
    A couple questions-
    How are you recording the audio? Can you eliminate problems with your set-up as a cause of the noise?
    Are there any tracks muted, is there automation, is this the entire pattern we’re seeing on screen?
    Does the crackling stop as you reduce the room size? Can you pin it down to just that parameter?
    Does it crackle when you add delay or any other effects besides the reverb?
    What do you have plugged into the line in?

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    jman81jman81 PolandPosts: 12

    Hi. Thank your for the response.

    Here you can download the preset which causes the problem:

    1. In this video audio was recorded via my phone only
    2. There are no other tracks, there is no automation and yes, this is the entire pattern
    3. Yes, the crackling stops when i reduce the room size from 48/50 to 35 circa
    4. It crackle without other effects and with them, too
    5. Line in: this is a simple jack adapter/converter. It doesn't impact the situation at all (I've checked)


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    pfrfpfrf ca, u.s.a.Posts: 117

    Hey Chris,
    So the audio is coming out of the built-in speaker? Can you hear the noise through the line and headphone outputs?
    BTW, I’m just trouble-shooting with you, trying to figure it out, I hope I’m not asking way too obvious questions.

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    jman81jman81 PolandPosts: 12

    Hi pfrf! Unfortunatelly the problem appears with headphones too. I had asked Ron about it and he admited that this is a bug and would be fixed in the 2.0 firmware.

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    pfrfpfrf ca, u.s.a.Posts: 117

    Thanks for posting. I’m happy you found the bug, I’m happy it’s being fixed, and I’m happy your unit is fine.

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    jman81jman81 PolandPosts: 12

    I hope so! But we will see...The new firmware is going to be published later this month.

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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 153

    This obscure bug is fixed in firmware V2.0, out before the end of the month!

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