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External input, does the metronome count before recording?


Hi! I'm interested in the Deluge but got a few questions. When recording external input, such as a synth, piano, guitar, etc, does the metronome count before recording? Also, can we listen to the beat while recording?


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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hi @heldrida. Sorry it's taken me a while to get to this! In terms of the metronome, it starts counting from the moment you press play - at the moment there's no official "count-in" feature. That said, many users fashion their own 'DIY' metronomes on separate kit tracks (using drum samples), which allows them to automate their 'metronomes' in a variety of different ways using the various 'song-mode' features on the Deluge. With the upcoming 2.0 firmware release, there will be a lot more flexibility to this workflow, too. So, while the metronome itself doesn't do "count-ins" at the moment, there's definitely ways to achieve that on the Deluge. You can listen to the metronome while recording, too. If you're recording from the external line input, the Deluge will only record the sound coming through that input. Likewise, if you're recording, say, a MIDI part into the Deluge, then the Deluge will only record your key presses. The only type of recording where the metronome will be captured along with the sound is resampling, where the Deluge is recording its own output. Most uses of this feature don't typically require a metronome though, so you shouldn't have any problems with this. Hope that helps! :smile:

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    heldridaheldrida LondonPosts: 4
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    Ok, thanks for replying @Sam, just trying to imagine the workflow before committing to buy; Hope to go to the London workshop/demo, to understand it.

    Just been trying to imagine how it's going to be to record external synths, guitar, bass, instruments really.

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